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In every walk with Nature one receives far more than he seeks.

John Muir


“Most of my photos were taken on everyday walks around the neighborhood, inspirational visits to the Chicago Botanic Garden, hikes on local nature trails, and sometimes just running errands. Little escapes when I needed fresh air or to clear my head. Over time, I started slowing my pace a bit, looking around more, stopping to take a closer look. Through my photography, I am interested in capturing the energy of our human relationship in our natural world and recognizing our interdependence for survival.”


“I seek transition light, those few moments as night turns to day, or day to night, that magic moment when our world seems to pause. In the morning, the lemony yellow light of a new day. In the evening, the lowering sun wrapping the world in a golden glow. When the sun is low on the horizon, light refracts differently than the rest of day. Spider webs become prisms, translucent leaves illuminate, trichomes (plant hair) glow.

I also love when nature surprises me. A sudden storm, strange ice formations in Lake Michigan, rainbows and water spouts. Those WOW! moments where nature humbles us, reminds us, that we are a small part of the whole.”

Elizabeth Peterson is a Chicago area artist. Beth studied at the School of the Art Institute in Chicago and  Herron School of Art in Indianapolis. She is inspired by the ever-changing shoreline and weather patterns of Lake Michigan and North Shore.

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